Top 10 Ways To Get Away From Comedy Central Street Marketers In Times Square

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10 ways to escape the clutches of those annoying comedy street marketers

1. Pretend that you can’t hear them over your ipod and keep walking. 
2. Scream “I see The Naked Cowboy” pull out your camera, and run the other way 
3. (for women) Pretend you’re having cramps. 
4. Say “No thanks, but he loves comedy” and point to the stranger next to you. 
5. Say that you spent your last dollar on a statue of liberty foam crown. 
6. Pretend you have the hiccups and continue to hiccup until you’re safely away, 
7. Say that you’re OCD and every time someone laughs you have to hit them. 
8. Pull a flyer out of your wallet/purse and try to sell something right back to them until they run away. 
9. Duck and cover! 
10. Pretend you speak another language. Just say “Que? Que? Que?” over and over again until you get away.

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