Krystle Martinez: Big Dreams and a Big Voice

Krystle Martinez’ passion for music runs deep. She is inspired by all different genres of music, and her greatest joy is performing. There is a power in Krystle’s voice that isn’t easy to come by in female artists. Krystle sings and performs all over New York City. She has stars in her eyes but also a simple pure love for the craft of singing. Krystle also works as a karaoke DJ, where she gets the opportunity to work with other aspiring musicians as well as people who are just out for a good time. Krystle also sings on these karaoke nights and shows the crowd how it’s done.

Krystle has been singing since she was a little girl. “My dad says since I was about two I used to ask for a microphone every year for Christmas and before I had the microphone I used to sing with anything that looked like one!” From that point on, Krystle knew that she wanted to have a life full of singing and performing. She became really interested in singing at karaoke bars, and while looking for work, decided she would really enjoy being a karaoke DJ. She trained for the position, learned about the business of karaoke, and has been doing shows ever since.

Krystle really enjoys being a karaoke DJ because it gives her a chance to sing and interact with the audience. “My favorite part of being a karaoke DJ is the joy and fun I bring into someone’s life,” Krystle says.  “I am very persuasive and usually get people who don’t normally sing anywhere but the shower to sing at my shows.” Krystle definitely takes the opportunity during the shows to get up there and practice her own singing. “Those are the easiest places to perform,” says Krystle of karaoke bars.  “When you perform at karaoke shows it usually gives you a sense of what songs people like to listen to.” Krystle’s ultimate goal is to be a recording artist in the music industry. She admires so many musicians, but if she had to choose only one to collaborate with, it would be Whitney Houston, who has been her role model since she was three years old. She also is inspired by artists such as Julie Andrews, Natalie and Nat King Cole, En Vogue and Toni Braxton. She’s also a fan of musical theatre. It is clear that Krystle doesn’t discriminate in her taste in music!

Krystle loves all music. She loves to sing many different genres of music. She believes it is important to be original and doesn’t think she is like any particular artist, but is more like a mix of many different ones. Krystle wants to continue being a karaoke DJ and working on her own performances and singing. She has a lot of ambition and a strong passion for music. It is this kind of attitude that allows people to find success in this industry. Krystle has big dreams and a big voice to match them.

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