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Shatarr, Star, and Tasia Lucas are bound by sisterhood and profession. Known as the female group Simplicity, the girls were recently inducted in BET’s “Music Matters.” Donned as one of the next big things in music, these girls combine R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop to create their own unique sound. Yeah New York recently caught up with the sisters from Brooklyn, NY to discover the makings of Simplicity.

Is it an advantage or a disadvantage to be young women entering the music world?
We think it’s both. The disadvantage is that most female artists can’t just be themselves. They have to be sold as sex symbols. The advantage right now, is the void of R&B girls groups, which is where we come in, to be the next big thing.

How does your family bond add to the dynamic of your group?
By us being sisters, we give the ultimate support and can give honest, constructive criticism without getting upset with one another.

If a fan were to purchase your album, list three other artists they would also be interested in purchasing.  
Beyonce, Monica, Jay-Z and Chris Brown. These are artists we admire and we love their unpredictability.

What’s the meaning behind your group name Simplicity?
Well, there is a fine line between being plain and eloquent, and we exude that with the passion that comes from our soul and voices.

What do you feel is the hardest part of creating music?
Conveying a message that our audience can understand and then producing something that the artist, engineer and label agree on.

What do you bring to your music genre?
A true sisterhood bond that will show through our music, setting the bar for those that come after us. We can all actually sing and we’ve been told we are reminiscent of R&B girl groups of the 90′s.

See what Simplicity is up to now via:

Simplicity Website 

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