191 Unlimited Releases 2012 Spring Collection

191 Unlimited has released their amazing 2012 Spring Collection. The popular online men’s clothing brand introduced a range of 25 long sleeved button ups to compliment the style-conscious, casual-wear customer. This line embodies 191’s four company principles: awesome fit, extreme comfort, innovative detailing, and affordability.

Take a peek at samples from 191 Unlimited 2012 Spring Collection below. 191 Unlimited also offers non-denim bottoms, T-shirts, jackets, vests, skinny ties, fedoras, and shorts at enviable prices.

Visit 191Unlimited.com and fill your closet with your own Spring collection. If you like their Facebook Page, you’ll receive 30% off any order.

Fun Fact: 191 Unlimited was established in 2002 when two friends gambled $191 at a casino, pooling enough to start their first collection.

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