YNY Artist Spotlight: Nova Social

Name: Nova Social

Members: David Nagler & Thom Soriano. Live band includes: Xavier, Dan Lipton, Clara Kennedy, Leyna Marika Papach, Dana Lyn, Rachel Golub, Tom Chiu

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY & Little Falls, NJ

Genre: Pop Music

Album: For Any Inconvenience

Short Bio: Nova Social began in 1999, and the band released two full-length records — The Jefferson Fracture (2002) and Other Words From Tomorrow’s Dictionary: (2007). After reverting back to the duo line-up of David Nagler and Thom Soriano, the band’s style then changed from eclectic guitar-oriented rock to a more rhythmically-driven sound featuring synths and strings, which resulted in a self-titled EP in 2009 and the new full-length For Any Inconvenience.

Q&A w/ Nova Social:

How did For Any Inconvenience come to be?

For Any Inconvenience was initially conceived as an EP, like our self-titled release in 2009 was. However, our collaborative songwriting and arranging had accelerated to the point where we realized we had enough songs to make this one a full-length release. The majority of tracks were recorded at home on our laptops. Friends like The Bandana Splits, Pascal Balthrop (of Balthrop, Alabama), Greta Gertler, Chris Lee, and our amazing singer Xavier lent their voices to the record. The strings and lead vocals were recorded in Brooklyn at the studio of Godfrey Diamond, who we sought out because of his work on the Bionic Boogie record Hot Butterfly. And For Any Inconvenience was mixed at The Isokon in Woodstock, NY with our old friend and collaborator D. James Goodwin.

It’s been 5 years since you released your last album Other Words from Tomorrow’s Dictionary. What’s different about this album?

The songs aren’t that different from much of our previous material, but the overall sound is. The last four or five years were mostly about becoming more comfortable creating music that was very electronic, disco and R&B-influenced. For Any Inconvenience is probably our most synthetic-sounding recording to date, but because these songs evolved more naturally, it feels very organic to us. We also had the chance to work a lot of these songs out live with our seven-member lineup (though that makes it similar to Other Words From Tomorrow’s Dictionary, since we played that album’s songs live for years and years before we recorded them).

Being in the New York underground pop scene for the past decade, what does NY have that you can’t find anywhere else?

We haven’t played out of town that often, so we’re not sure. 24-hour egg creams?

Any upcoming events?

Our record release show on Thursday, March 8 at Littlefield with our friends The Bandana Splits, The Inner Banks and DJ Tim “Love” Lee.



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