Video: Rob Carney “New Shit”

Bred from the suburbs of New Jersey, Rob Carney has used Hip-Hop as a way to channel his thoughts since he was 14 yrs old. Ten years later, Rob is creating the type of music that is relatable to all Hip-Hop fans. He has opened up for Donnie Klang, Cory Gunz, Jr Writer, Fred the Godson and Tone Trump. Just releasing his new video for his song “New Shit”, YNY caught up with Rob to talk about the making of the video, his new album, and what he has going. Check out his video after the jump.

Q&A w/ Rob Carney:

Your song “New Shit” has such a 90′s feel to it but you rap about being on something new. What inspired the contradiction?

I think stepping back from everything from an artist perspective and just listening to what was going on around the culture of Hip-Hop from a fan’s point of view really opened my mind. To me, I felt I was completely different than your average artist. I felt like what I was hearing was repetitive. I believed and still believe my style is different. So in away “New Shit” was like the introduction of what was to come from me. The 90’s sound definitely comes from inspiration of its generation. I think at that point in time I was strictly a listener of the culture. I was a student of the game before really exploring into my creative side.

Why the choice to make it into a video?

I really felt it was the best way to introduce people to me and what I was bringing to the game. I really wanted to capture the attention of people who think of the art and craft of hip-hop in one way. People forget it’s an art and it comes in all different forms, sounds, etc.

The “New Shit” video was shot in three different locations. Which was your favorite?

I would say right in front of the GWB. That has been one of my favorite spots since a young kid. It had a lot of meaning to me.

What’s it like rapping on a ledge with the George Washington Bridge behind you?

It really had its purpose in my video. It was more than just a dope back drop. I use to walk that park as a young kid so it was almost like coming back to where it all started.

How was it working with Jay & Rock from Itchy House Films?

Jay is a genius and a true talent to his craft. Obviously he has worked with some great artists like Naughty By Nature and Joelle Ortiz. It was an absolute honor when he was on board with my project.

So what is the newest thing you’ve done in the last month?

Well I am gearing up for my new album that will drop in April which I am super excited for. I was actually just picked to hit the road this summer as well with the UROCK Tour hosted by Robert Curry from Day26 which will bring me out to L.A., Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Washington D.C. and more. So I am definitely excited to take my craft on the road.

Where can our readers find out more about you?

You can follow me day-to-day on Twitter @versatile2020 or on Facebook Rob Carney Music Page and the website is always a good look

Watch the Rob Carney – New Shit video below:

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