Video: Rob Carney “New Shit”

Bred from the suburbs of New Jersey, Rob Carney has used Hip-Hop as a way to channel his thoughts since he was 14 yrs old. Ten years later, Rob is creating the type of music that is relatable to all Hip-Hop fans. He has opened up for Donnie Klang, Cory Gunz, Jr Writer, Fred the Godson and Tone Trump. Just releasing his new video for his song “New Shit”, YNY caught up with Rob to talk about the making of the video, his new album, and what he has going. Check out his video after the jump.

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YNY Artist Spotlight: Nova Social

Name: Nova Social

Members: David Nagler & Thom Soriano. Live band includes: Xavier, Dan Lipton, Clara Kennedy, Leyna Marika Papach, Dana Lyn, Rachel Golub, Tom Chiu

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY & Little Falls, NJ

Genre: Pop Music

Album: For Any Inconvenience

Short Bio: Nova Social began in 1999, and the band released two full-length records — The Jefferson Fracture (2002) and Other Words From Tomorrow’s Dictionary: (2007). After reverting back to the duo line-up of David Nagler and Thom Soriano, the band’s style then changed from eclectic guitar-oriented rock to a more rhythmically-driven sound featuring synths and strings, which resulted in a self-titled EP in 2009 and the new full-length For Any Inconvenience.

Q&A w/ Nova Social:

How did For Any Inconvenience come to be?

For Any Inconvenience was initially conceived as an EP, like our self-titled release in 2009 was. However, our collaborative songwriting and arranging had accelerated to the point where we realized we had enough songs to make this one a full-length release.

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YNY Artist Spotlight: House of Blondes


Members: John Blonde, Chris Pace and Brian McNamara

Hometown: New York, NY

Genre: Electronic/Pop/Ambient

Album: Clean Cuts

Short bio: House of Blondes is an up and coming electronic trio comprised of John Blonde, Chris Pace and Brian McNamara, based in New York City. Their vibe is electro synth, and their sound is akin to the likes of Suicide, LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip. The group relies heavily on improvisation in the studio for their creative process. In fact, their current album began as 20 minutes of ambient riffing, and is inspired by GAS, an ambient techno project by Wolfgang Voight.

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YNY Q&A: Sonja Blade

Brooklyn rapper Sonja Blade is making her music her way.  Going the independent route after being released from her Virgin Records contract, Sonja Blade is proving her lyrics are strong enough to stand on.  Yeah New York caught up with Sonja Blade to ask her about where she’s been and where she’s going.

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Show Your Giants Pride with GoodWoodNYC

Go Giants!!


Whether you are a diehard Giants fan or just supporting NY for Super Bowl XLVI , the GoodWood Super Bowl bracelet and pin set is a must have for all Football Fans. Each set is hand painted and comes with football shaped tags. Check out how to get your set before Sunday’s game here. While you’re there, check out the GoodWood blog and get information about the Pro-Keds and GoodWoodNYC’s Super Bowl giveaway.

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YNY Q&A: Simplicity

Shatarr, Star, and Tasia Lucas are bound by sisterhood and profession. Known as the female group Simplicity, the girls were recently inducted in BET’s “Music Matters.” Donned as one of the next big things in music, these girls combine R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop to create their own unique sound. Yeah New York recently caught up with the sisters from Brooklyn, NY to discover the makings of Simplicity.

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Da YoungFellaz: Building an Empire of Self Made Soldiers

YNY Interview: Da YoungFellaz

Da YoungFellaz are a breath of fresh air in a genre that is on the verge of becoming stale. Jay Storm and Sho Biz are switching Hip-Hop’s conversation to music that fans can relate to. The Crown Heights and Soundview duo structure their music with a commitment and dedication that is both refreshing and necessary for the revival of Hip-Hop.

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YNY Q&A: Chavz

Up-and-coming Hip-Hop artist Chavz channels the challenges he’s faced into a sound that resonates deep within any listener. His impactful sound of determination and survival has been shaped by personal difficulties and triumphs. Already gaining traction for his numerous videos on and newest single with New Jersey artist Pure, Chavz shared some insight on the man behind the mic.

1. In your bio, you were quoted as having “a natural desire to provide,” what does that mean in regards to your music/career/goals?
I want to provide a sound that’s warm to the ear.

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Yeah New York caught up with Queens native PAPA DOC to ask him a few questions about his latest single “D.R.”, his affiliation with Universal, and how fans can relate to his music.

What can fans expect from your soon to be released album and why was D.R. chosen as the first official single?
Fans can expect my album to be cutting edge and pointed towards the future. D.R was chosen as the first single because the flow, lyrical content and beat are different than anything on the radio today. Also, the concept of the song is one that a lot of people can relate to especially those in relationships.

On your twitter you said, “Some times u have to say what’s on your mind so people know just where u stand.” In what ways does this relate to your music/career/life?
The statement that I made is one that I strive to live by.  Through my music, I try to give people a glimpse of who I really am by mostly speaking my mind on my records. In life, I find that people respect those who are not afraid to voice there opinions and stand by them.

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Interview: Daniel Susana – Using Urban Intelligence to Spark Conversation

Daniel Susana MiBodega Agency

Daniel Susana began with dreams of being a pilot but soon rose to a level well beyond his peers without ever needing a plane. Entrepreneur and founder of, Susana saw a gap between his online interests and set out to create a place where urban communities could find an artful approach to informative and educational content. “I caught myself going to various websites to get my daily dose of information on content I liked. Then I started realizing – I haven’t really come across a platform that truly has constructive content of a high caliber on urban culture and important mainstream information without one discriminating against the other.”

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