IHOP’s Pancake Day 2012

Get your bellies ready for IHOP’s Pancake Day 2012. On February 28th IHOP will be serving dine-in customers *FREE* short stacks of Buttermilk pancakes. Donations raised during Pancake Day 2012 will benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals as well as other local charities. Visit IHOP’s Pancake Day website for more info and find out how you could win free IHOP pancakes for an entire year.

Last Minute V-Day Gifts at Fred Flare

Procrastinators beware: Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!! Regardless of your excuse, if you haven’t gotten that special someone a gift yet, hop to it. Fred Flare has some great gifts to choose from. Below are a few of our favorites from Fredflare.com. Fred Flare has a warehouse in Green Point, Brooklyn. So skip the expensive overnight shipping fees and arrange for your item pick up today!

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191 Unlimited Releases 2012 Spring Collection

191 Unlimited has released their amazing 2012 Spring Collection. The popular online men’s clothing brand introduced a range of 25 long sleeved button ups to compliment the style-conscious, casual-wear customer. This line embodies 191’s four company principles: awesome fit, extreme comfort, innovative detailing, and affordability.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Pick: Man Bakes Cake

Today’s YNY Valentine’s Day gift pick: Man Bakes Cake

Skip over the Godiva heart shaped box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Nothing says I love you like pimples and a stomach ache. Instead of forming secret love messages with candy hearts, give today’s Valentine’s Day gift pick a try.

Man Bakes Cakes was founded in 2009, creating cakes, pies, cheesecakes, and (my favorite) cupcakes. Take a note from his tagline, “Celebrating all things sweet”, and order your sweety six beautifully decorated Valentine’s Day inspired cupcakes.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Pick: GoodWoodNYC

Switching gears from Christmas to Valentine’s Day can drain your brain of great gift giving ideas. Don’t go the lazy route and settle for the corner store flowers. Flowers die and cards get shoved into a drawer. Break free from the typical bear with heart gifts and give your love something to really gush over.

To kick off this season of love, everyday this week Yeah New York will be posting Valentine’s Day gift picks. GoodWoodNYC Valentine’s Day promotion is Yeah New York’s first Valentine’s Day gift pick.

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Feature: Top Spots to Watch Sunday Football

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A Concrete Canvas for New York’s Graffiti Artists

Traveling to Queens from Manhattan on the 7 train, you’ve probably seen this large warehouse completely covered in graffiti.  To on-lookers, the four story block-long structure may be an eyesore, with its yellow façade falling victim to vandals. From a distance, a developer’s plan to knock down the century old building to make way for two residential high rises seems justified. When you look closer at the building, however, you see colorful murals created out of spray-paint and stencil. This building known as 5 Pointz is a place for graffiti artists to hone in their craft; where they’re allowed to paint on the four story walls.  Known as the mecca of graffiti art, it would be a shame to see 5 Pointz sacrificed for a redundant tower that will house over-priced restaurants and snooty shops, many of which have dotted the East River over the past five years.

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Secrets of a Karaoke DJ

In New York City, there is no shortage of karaoke bars. On any night of the week, you can head out to a karaoke bar with your friends and sing your heart out. Some people karaoke just to have a good laugh, while some are serious about it and do it to get singing and performance practice.  Often there is a long line to wait in before it is time to sing your song. At some point, you will definitely have an encounter with the Karaoke DJ for the night. This person is the karaoke expert; she/he handles the songs, keeps the crowd entertained, and even may sing a song once in a while. Krystle Martinez, New York City karaoke DJ and performing artist, extraordinaire, knows the scene like the back of her hand. YNY featured a story about Krystle yesterday and here is the follow-up. We asked Krystle the questions that aspiring karaoke stars want to know. Here are some of the secrets of a karaoke DJ:

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10 New York Romantic Comedies

Los Angeles may be the showbiz hub of the world, but New York, for some reason, has a romance that LA doesn’t. Maybe it’s the sense of history, or maybe it’s the otherworldly landscape, or maybe it’s the fact that nowhere can make you feel quite as lonely as the busiest place on Earth. But for some reason, almost ever since movies started being made, New York has been the setpiece for hundreds of romantic comedies—nowadays it seems every year another dozen New York rom-coms come out.

Today I’ve compiled of list of 10 New York romantic comedies. This isn’t a perfect list — it’s missing, for example, It Should Happen to You, a classic that I couldn’t find anywhere to watch. If you think there are any others that should take the place of something here, feel free to mention it in the comments. But for now, let’s start it off with a real classic, one of my favorite movies ever:

Adam’s Rib (1949)

Probably the best of the famous Spencer Tracy/Katherine Hepburn vehicles, Adam’s Rib is the story of two married lawyers who get hired for opposing sides of an attempted murder case. Katherine Hepburn, a famously ferocious and independent woman in her own right, plays the role of Amanda Bonner, one of the earliest and best examples of a genuinely strong-willed, independent female movie character.

Adam and Amanda Bonner have the perfect marriage, as far as I can tell, fiery and complex, but in all ways equal. As the movie announced proudly:

“There’s no room in marriage for what used to be known as ‘the little woman.’ She’s got to be as big as the man is…Sharing — that’s what it takes to make a marriage, keep a marriage from getting sick of all the duties and responsibilities…and, and troubles. Listen, no part of marriage is the exclusive province of any one sex.”

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YNY Giveaway: NY Latino Film Festival Tickets

NY Latino Film Festival Opening Night!

Opening night at the NY Latino Film Festival brings to you Chico and Rita, “A sensual collision of vibrant colors, passionate storytelling and music from the greatest period of creativity in Cuban-American jazz are the hallmarks of the first animated Opening Night Film in NYILFF’s history.” Tickets are on sale for the NY Latino Film Festival NOW. For $20 you will receive entry to the film screening, admittance to the official after-party at Juliet, and a one year subscription to Latina Magazine. Check out NYLatinoFilm.com for a full list of movie screenings and box office details. Check the flyer for details about Opening Night.

YNY NY Latino Film Festival Giveaway

Yeah New York has 4 pairs of tickets for the NY Latino Film Festival to giveaway to you. Two pairs will be given out for the Dominican Showcase screening of La Hija Natural on Thursday 8/18/11. Two additional pairs of tickets will be given out for the Puerto Rican Showcase screening of America on Friday 8/19/11. For your chance to win, shortly answer the following questions:

Who would you bring?
What NY Latino Film Festival screening most interests you?
Which night would you like to attend?

Enter the YNY NY Latino Film Festival Giveaway by leaving your answers and keywords “Make Me a YNY winner” in the comment section below, on our Facebook page, and on Twitter. The more you enter the greater your chances! Winner will be notified the night before the event.

Good Luck!

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