Valentine’s Day Gift Pick: GoodWoodNYC

Switching gears from Christmas to Valentine’s Day can drain your brain of great gift giving ideas. Don’t go the lazy route and settle for the corner store flowers. Flowers die and cards get shoved into a drawer. Break free from the typical bear with heart gifts and give your love something to really gush over.

To kick off this season of love, everyday this week Yeah New York will be posting Valentine’s Day gift picks. GoodWoodNYC Valentine’s Day promotion is Yeah New York’s first Valentine’s Day gift pick.

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The Tweeds LIVE at The Bitter End (LES)

Music Event – January 19th 2012 at 8pm

Making their way from Philadelphia, The Tweeds will be performing this Thursday January 19th in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Looking towards artists such as Ghosts and Vodka, My Bloody Valentine and The Beatles for inspiration, The Tweeds take on a sound of their own.

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Shop Local LES Kick Off

On Sunday, December 11th 40 Lower East Side stores, restaurants and galleries will offer deals, freebees and special events as part of our Shop Local campaign.

When you make a purchase at any Lower East Side store you’ll get a free pass to our Holiday Oasis Lounge

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The 2011 ING New York Marathon

On November 5, 2011, New York enveloped those who braved the heavily barricaded streets of the 2011 ING New York City Marathon. With a chill enough for spectators to put gloves on, the record-breaking 47,107 marathoners didn’t seem to mind. The sun was shining down on the participants, putting a warm, golden halo on their heads.

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39th Annual NYC Halloween Parade 2011

At 7pm tonight, New York City’s finest will begin marching up Sixth Avenue for the 39th Annual NYC Halloween Parade 2011. This year’s parade theme is The i of the Beholder. The much anticipated Village parade was inspired by artist Odilon Redon’s charcoal and chalk drawing Eye Balloon (see picture to the right).

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Feature: Top Spots to Watch Sunday Football

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YNY Q&A: Simplicity

Shatarr, Star, and Tasia Lucas are bound by sisterhood and profession. Known as the female group Simplicity, the girls were recently inducted in BET’s “Music Matters.” Donned as one of the next big things in music, these girls combine R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop to create their own unique sound. Yeah New York recently caught up with the sisters from Brooklyn, NY to discover the makings of Simplicity.

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A Concrete Canvas for New York’s Graffiti Artists

Traveling to Queens from Manhattan on the 7 train, you’ve probably seen this large warehouse completely covered in graffiti.  To on-lookers, the four story block-long structure may be an eyesore, with its yellow façade falling victim to vandals. From a distance, a developer’s plan to knock down the century old building to make way for two residential high rises seems justified. When you look closer at the building, however, you see colorful murals created out of spray-paint and stencil. This building known as 5 Pointz is a place for graffiti artists to hone in their craft; where they’re allowed to paint on the four story walls.  Known as the mecca of graffiti art, it would be a shame to see 5 Pointz sacrificed for a redundant tower that will house over-priced restaurants and snooty shops, many of which have dotted the East River over the past five years.

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Da YoungFellaz: Building an Empire of Self Made Soldiers

YNY Interview: Da YoungFellaz

Da YoungFellaz are a breath of fresh air in a genre that is on the verge of becoming stale. Jay Storm and Sho Biz are switching Hip-Hop’s conversation to music that fans can relate to. The Crown Heights and Soundview duo structure their music with a commitment and dedication that is both refreshing and necessary for the revival of Hip-Hop.

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YNY Q&A: Chavz

Up-and-coming Hip-Hop artist Chavz channels the challenges he’s faced into a sound that resonates deep within any listener. His impactful sound of determination and survival has been shaped by personal difficulties and triumphs. Already gaining traction for his numerous videos on and newest single with New Jersey artist Pure, Chavz shared some insight on the man behind the mic.

1. In your bio, you were quoted as having “a natural desire to provide,” what does that mean in regards to your music/career/goals?
I want to provide a sound that’s warm to the ear.

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