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The Sharp Lads Prepare For World Domination

Those worried about preserving their hearing at concerts are going to want to take out the ear plugs. The Sharp Lads, an up and coming punk rock band, are releasing a CD in February. The band has four members: Tim Ireland on drums, Rich Tenor on guitar and vocals, Kurt Wahlstrom on bass, guitar, and vocals, and David Tierney on guitar and lead vocals. While David Tierney writes most of the lyrics, the band usually composes their music collaboratively.

The band has only been together for six months, so the musicians still work other jobs on the side. They do photography, advertising, video art, and pharmaceuticals, but they are determined to make a career out of their music. “Our immediate goal,” says David Tierney, “is world domination.” They want to travel and play their music all over the world. When asked where they would most want to play, they all agreed on The Paradiso in Amsterdam.

For now, the band plays most of its gigs around New York City: Matchless, Lit Lounge, Cake Shop, Public Assembly, and Cameo Gallery. Their most popular song/biggest crowd pleaser is “Drugs, Booze and Your Little Sister.” The band members are full of energy, even without their instruments. The Sharp Lads insisted that it was very important to them to get everyone in the room dancing. If anyone at their concerts is standing in a corner with arms crossed, they aren’t doing their jobs right. They try to have a lot of fun on stage, and believe that the more they enjoy themselves, the more likely it is that the audience will have a great time.

Some of the band’s inspirations include Richard Hell, The Dictators, The Real Kids, The Buzzcocks, Battles, the Subhumans, and assorted hip hop, Jamaican, and jazz music. Due to their eclectic taste in music, the band has a very distinct sound that makes even the worst dancers want to get up and start moving.

When asked if they had any die-hard fans or stalkers yet, Tim Ireland chimed in that they had a girl at one of their concerts take off her boots and put them on the bar. When the rest of the band and I agreed that this was a little strange, he admitted sheepishly, “Yeah…I date her now.”

In February, after The Sharp Lads’ CD has been released, it can be found on their website You can also check out their music now at or keep updated on their upcoming performances at They may just be getting started, but their determination to spread their music worldwide cannot be contained much longer.