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Catch Jay Sean LIVE at the First Annual CCFA Teen Event

*Limited Tickets Available*

New York and New Jersey teens are teaming up and putting an amazing show on May 20th, 2011. Raising funds and building awareness for Crohns disease and ulcersative colitis, these teens along with Founders Ashley Modell and Cameron Klein are hosting the First Annual CCFA Teen Event. Jay Sean will be taking the stage at Space Odyssey in Englewood New Jersey along special guest appearance from one of todays hottest Billboard Recording Artists with a Live Meet & Greet! Tickets are on sale now for the event but hurry, they are almost sold out. Please consider donating a little something extra to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America when purchasing your ticket. Take part in their raffle as the CCFA Teen committee will be raffling off a Hermes scarf, Mets tickets, an iPad 2, Dr. Dre Headphones, and more! Head on out and support the CCFA teens this Friday as they strive to bring awareness to two devastating intestinal diseases that are currently affecting 1.5 million Americans.

For more details on the event contact Neala Gershkowitz at (781)727-4498 or

Event Information:

Space Odyssey
491 Dean Street
Englewood, NJ
Doors open at 7pm
Buy your tickets now at:
Under 21 – $45 per ticket
Over 21 – $150 per ticket

Weekly Recap: The Vinny Brusco Show 5.12.11

Every Thursday at 10:30pm you can catch The Vinny Brusco Show LIVE.

If you missed last week’s show (May 12, 2011), here’s the recap:

After some technical difficulties, the boys pulled through and delivered another amazing show. Guest Ryan Clark joined the show on the couch. German man creates a Machete Slingshot, Real lightsabers and dual lightsabers can now be purchased,

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The New Latina’s Bible Book Signing and Release Party

Night hosted by Oscar nominated actress ROSIE PEREZ and award-winning journalist SANDRA GUZMAN

“The New Latina’s Bible shows Latinas they have company in the day to day dilemmas they encounter, and that understanding these challenges can strengthen and empower them as women.”

First 200 people to purchase a copy of the book will receive FREE admittance to the private after party. Please note: this is a 21 & over event, strict dress code enforced.

New York Book Launch
Thursday, May 19th 7:30pm
Borders Columbus Circle
10 Columbus Circle @59th Street

Book Release After Party
The Empire Hotel Rooftop
44 West 63rd Street (btwn Broadway & Columbus)

Feature: How To Employ Subway Etiquette

*Orginally published November 4, 2010*

Rule number 1: Let people get off the train before you push your way on. Collisions are fun in sports, the movies and even on the bumper cars. Other than that, they hurt.

Rule number 2: Don’t let your child take up three seats.  Yes, little Cindy is adorable hopping from seat to seat singing.  Absolutely precious.  That’s why I’m sorry that I’m going to have to sit on her.

Rule number 3: Move to the center of the car instead of cramming together on top of the door. I know it’s a crazy idea, but you might not be sexually harassed from all sides if you were willing to take a few steps into the middle of the car.  As cool as it might be to feel like clowns crammed into a tiny car, suffocation is not a fun way to die.

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Da Youngfellaz Performing at the Bowery Poetry Club

Soon to be featured on Yeah New York, Jay Storm and Sho-Biz from Da Youngfellaz will be performing TONIGHT and the Bowery Poetry Club. Da YoungFellaz are currently working with Sony International producer Ralph Myerz. Their collaboration album, Super Sonic Pulse, is set to be released this summer. Heating up the stage at midnight, Da Youngefellaz will be performing in a lineup that includes DXA, Bubble Geese, Jake Lefco and more, as Doin Alright celebrates their sweet 16. Want more details? Visit the Doin Arlight 16 Facebook event page. For venue and door details, check below.

Doing Alright 16
Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery
New York, NY 10012
Doors Open 10PM
$10 Admission
18 to jam 21 to indulge

Nickless – Stay Tuned *Video*

Check out this video from NY based rapper Nickless. Stay Tuned is his first video which was shot by ‘Mystyle’ Matthew Sneh.

YNY’s article One Man One Way One Destiny on Nickless excerpt:

When you have a name that means “Victorious People” a desire to change the world with your music is definitely within your reach. Born in the Bay area of California, Nickless lost his father to HIV at an early age. He was then raised in a feminist household by a single mother while living in a predominately Black Panther neighborhood. Living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, for the last three years Nickless has taken his dreams from California and turned them into a career in New York. “There’s the hippie revolutionary part of me then there’s the New York side of me that’s like money, money, money, money, hustle, hustle.” …[Read More]…

Check out our full interview with Nickless here.

YNY MOS: Long Island Serial Killer

First the bodies being found on the sandy Long Island beach began to grow towards the double digits. Now news sources are reporting there may be more than one killer. As this tangled web of mystery slowly beings to unravel, Yeah New York took to the streets of New York. So New York, is too much news too much or will more details about the crimes out on Long Island satisfy your curiosity?

3rd Annual Female Flava Women’s Health Conference

THE POINT, located in the Hunts Point area of the Bronx, will be hosting the “3rd Annual Female Flava Women’s Health Conference-A Holistic Approach to Women’s Health” event this Saturday May 14, 2011.

Started a few years ago by Kellie Terry-Sepulveda, this female awareness event was created due to the lack of female support around Hunts Point section of the Bronx. What started off as honoring women in Hip-Hop soon expanded to celebrating women in the arts.

Female Flava is a women’s health conference that takes a holistic approach to women’s health and seeks to praise women with health coping skills via art. Sharon Lee De La Cruz, the program coordinator of the C.D.C.’s WOMEN’s (Where Our Minds Empower Needs) Empowerment Group, explained the importance of hosting this type of event, “Teaching and prevention methods are is very negative especially black and Latina women. We’re trying to reverse those roles by showing women how to be healthy through praise.”

Six workshops will be running simultaneously varying in topics from 11-12:30pm. Although this is a female based event, it is NOT female exclusive. Male and females in the community as well as youth groups are encouraged to attend. Registration and details of the workshops can be found here. There will also be late registration the Morning of Female Flava. The keynote address will be given by author Staceyann Chin. In addition to the workshops, there will be performances, a dance party, a live graffiti mural and more!

Check out the Female Flava event page on Facebook for further event details and location information.

3rd Annual Female Flava
The Point
940 Garrison Ave
Bronx, NY
Late Registration starts at 9:30am
Event duration: 10am – 5pm
Free Event

Weekly Recap: The Vinny Brusco Show 5.5.11

Every Thursday at 10:30pm you can catch The Vinny Brusco Show LIVE.

If you missed last week’s show (May 5, 2011), here’s the recap:

Celebrities need to be treated like birds. Props of the Week go to the US Navy Seals and Barack Obama. Sméagol’s existence will never leave America satisfied. Vinny creates an Adrian Brody 10 Crack commandments remix. Jersey Shore gets the “What the fuck did you think was going to happen” this week.

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FREE Cone Day at Häagen-Dazs

It’s FREE Cone Day at Häagen-Dazs on May 10th 2011. From 4pm-8pm grab yourself a free scoop of your favorite flavor. Häagen-Dazs is New York! The first ice cream shop to open was right here in Brooklyn in 1976. A new contest will be announced in the Shops, be sure to stop in and get all the details. For a list of their participating locations, visit their Facebook page: