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Third Floor Fire Escape

Valentine’s Day FAIL!!

 Valentine’s Day surprises usually result in an unexpected delivery of flowers or a secret stop at your favorite dessert shop on the way home after dinner. Waking up to find out that your boyfriend attempted to surprise you by knocking on your bedroom window, not so romantic. Especially when you live on the third floor.

The boyfriend in this story was a 30-year-old man who slipped off the fire escape outside of his girlfriend’s Manhattan building as he attempted to find his way into her apartment after his front door knocks went unanswered. Police are reporting the man with broken vertebrae is in stable condition. The Village Voice points out this failed attempt at a Valentine’s surprise couldn’t be anymore right.

 Listen up New York! If you miss Valentine’s Day make it up to your Valentine while he/she is awake. Don’t go crawling into a third floor bedroom window just past midnight. The moment’s over, it’s not romantic, and you might as well come in with a ski mask because bedroom window entry reminds every girl of all the Lifetime movies, CSI episodes, and every SVU Law and Order show she has ever seen.