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Krystle Martinez: Big Dreams and a Big Voice

Krystle Martinez’ passion for music runs deep. She is inspired by all different genres of music, and her greatest joy is performing. There is a power in Krystle’s voice that isn’t easy to come by in female artists. Krystle sings and performs all over New York City. She has stars in her eyes but also a simple pure love for the craft of singing. Krystle also works as a karaoke DJ, where she gets the opportunity to work with other aspiring musicians as well as people who are just out for a good time. Krystle also sings on these karaoke nights and shows the crowd how it’s done.

Krystle has been singing since she was a little girl. “My dad says since I was about two I used to ask for a microphone every year for Christmas and before I had the microphone I used to sing with anything that looked like one!” From that point on, Krystle knew that she wanted to have a life full of singing and performing.

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